Frequently Asked Questions

Tel: 07976 855 549

How can I hire a campervan?

Fill in our quote page or call us on 07976 855 549 to check for availability

What’s included in the campervan hire?

All gas 24 hr Breakdown recovery Comprehensive Insurance for 1 Driver (aged 25-75). Full inventory of self-catering equipment Secure storage of your vehicle Unlimited Mileage

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank transfer is our preferred payment method. Bank transfer payment only over £500, please ask for details if required

What documents do I need to bring?

Drivers have to bring both parts of their driving licence, photo ID & counter part. For old paper licences we would need to see a passport. In addition, two further means of ID, which must include a utilities bill to you at your present address or an official letter.

Where do I pick the campervan up from?

The Lion Store, 19 Barnstaple Street, Bideford, Devon, EX39 4AE

Can I leave our vehicle with you?

Yes, off road parking is available.

Can I get to you using public transport?

The closet train station is in Barnstaple, approximately 10 miles away from us. There are bus services and taxis then available to Bideford. Please let us know if you need any further information regarding this.

What time can I collect & return the campervan?

Unless otherwise agreed, the campervan will be available from 16:00- 20:00 on the day of collection and must be returned before 11:00 on the last day of hire.

How many people can sleep in a van?

Our T5/T6s can sleep a maximum of four.

Will I be shown how to work the appliances in the campervan?

Yes no problem, we will talk you through every appliances & equipment on the vehicle so that you are comfortable using them. This takes about an hour.

Can I take our bikes with us?

Yes, bike racks are optional extra. They carry a maximum of four. They are not suitable for electric bikes.

Can I take my surfboard?

Yes, we have roof racks just let us know if you need one.

Do the campervans have rear seatbelts?

Yes, three point seatbelts.

Do the campervans have heaters?

Yes, all our vans have a diesel heating system that is controlled by a thermostat.

What type of fuel do the vans take?

All our vans are diesel.

What happens in the event of a breakdown?

All our vans have breakdown cover. In the unlikely event that they can not get you going we will supply a replacement camper. Subject to availability.

Do you supply bedding?

Yes, sheet, duvet, pillows, sleeping bags & towels are an optional extra.

What is the minimum number of days we can hire a camper?

The minimum is 3 days.

Can I smoke in the camper?

Sorry, no smoking in any of our campervans.

Should I book a campsite in advance?

Yes, we recommend that you pre book a campsite in advance.

Can I take the camper abroad?

Yes, although there are restrictions taking them into some countries. A surcharge will apply.

What is the insurance excess?

Each camper has an excess of £1,000.

How long will the battery on the Campervan last without plugging into the electric hook up?

This is a difficult question to answer as there are many variables.
  • If you are mindful about power use, you should manage approx 24 hours on a cloudy day.
  • If you have unbroken sunshine, this will charge the leisure battery through the solar panel, however, you will still need to keep an eye on the power levels.
  • If you are driving,this will also charge the leisure battery, but as above, you will still need to keep an eye on the power levels.
The biggest power draw is the fridge (approx 45 watts), there are a number of things you can do to optimise power saving:
  • Keep the fridge on the lowest setting (smallest blue light).
  • Keep the fridge closed as much as possible.
  • Keep the fridge well stocked (as full as possible).
  • Try to keep the van well ventilated, as the hotter the van, the harder the fridge needs to work to stay cool.
  • When shopping for food consider buying frozen or chilled produce to place directly into the fridge.
  • Turn the fridge off at night (it will stay cold as long as it isn’t opened too much).
If you are concerned about battery life, we would advise that you plug into the campsite mains. Other power hungry items to be mindful of:
  • Diesel heater
  • Lights
  • Charging laptops/ any other mobile devices.
Please note: The 240 V sockets will not work unless you are plugged into the mains!