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31 May 2015

Crafter Conversion

Full conversion with bed,stove,12v fridge, shower & toilet. The owner wanted a conversion with a living area at the front and dog kennel at the back below the bed.
23 Dec 2013

Touring Cornwall

Tuesday 17th September, 2013
Touring Cornwall
To test new layout on Rufus (and first trip for Frances our 5mouth old daughter)
Hire Cost:
Loading up the van with sunnies, shorts, surfboard and Frances……, maybe Frances before sunnies, shorts and surfboard! Anyway we managed to leave about 10.00am and headed for the nearest supermarket and loaded up with essentials. They say never shop for food on an empty stomach, so we wandered into the café for full English, – sorted! Head down to St Austell in the wind and rain, to a campsite a customer recommended – River Valley Holiday Park, a good call. The indoor swimming pool was deserted, Frances could scream the place down and no one would care. Costing £15 a night with electric hook up, – good value. Walking along the canal near the campsite, we saw a weasel chasing a fully grown rabbit, our dog Manuka was very interested!

Chicken curry for tea always goes down well with a good DVD to finish off the day.
With a strong northerly wind, we set off for Praa Sands to see if there were any waves. Small waves, but beggars can’t be choosers, so I jumped in. I am always fighting the clock when I go surfing at home, with work commitments or looking after Frances. It is nice to take my time, savour the moment, and really enjoy it. A nice cup of tea always goes down well after a surf, having the van makes it all the more easier to make, get out of the wind and relax.

Little Trethvas Farm on the Lizard was the next campsite. We arrived at about 4pm just when the sun came out. Parked up and quickly unpacked to enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun. £12.50 non electric.

Steak for tea – Life of Pi for the evening film.
Rain is always a possibility when touring Cornwall but due to the geography and wind it will blow over quickly. Today we are heading for Sennen Cove, the most westerly beach in Britain (not counting the Isles of Scilly), but first a bit of shopping.

Trevedra farm is on top of the cliffs above Gvenvor beach. We love this place, it has a lovely walk down to the beach through fields full of cows.

I made Thai red curry for tea which if I do say myself was yummy. DVD choice was Water for Elephants.
Cooked breakfast this morning (I am going to have to go on a diet when I get back). Packed up some supplies for a day at the beach, (a lot when you have a baby). Fantastic sun & surf, Frances went paddling too.

Bolognese for tea, with far too much garlic bread.
Awoke about 7.30 packed up and eat cereal for breakfast. We bathed Frances in the utility room sink which she seemed to quite like!

Made our way to Gwithian today, to stay at Churchtown Farm Campsite. We have been many times before and each year it seems to get more expensive. £15 non electric, they charge £2 per night for a dog, I am too honest! She will have to hide next time. Expensive site, but it’s nice and clean and just a short walk over the dunes to the beach.

I went for a surf while Amy, Frances and Manuka had a walk through the nature reserve. I managed to step on a weaver fish which was very painful. You need to put your foot in water as hot as you can for about 90minutes which worked very well.

Fish for tea tonight…. bring it on!
Sunday – the last day.
I woke up to the pounding of surf, or was Frances crying? I like to think it was the surf, but anyway it was clean and about head high, so I raced to get in. Two and a half hours later I was beaten, but a nice feeling like you get after a workout, or a long run, – tired but alive. Showered and cooked breakfast.

Nice and warm today, we decided to go for a walk, which turned into a long walk. I do enjoy walking, it makes you realise what a beautiful part of the world this is. Manuka just likes to play with her ball.

After Sunday roast at the local pub we pack the van and head for home.
I prefer the layout of Rufus, due to the cooking area at the back, it’s the right height for me. The bed is great for lounging around and watching DVDs on a rainy evening.
22 Dec 2013


Rufus is the latest addition to our fleet of campervans.
16 Jun 2013

Customer Van Conversion

We have just completed a campervan conversion for one of our customers. Some pictures have been added to the campervan conversions
16 Jun 2013

Scotland Trip Blog

End of January, 2013
1 Week in Cairngorms, Scotland
To test Katie in extreme conditions, (and to have some fun).
Hire Cost:
Saturday night
Loading up the van with warm clothes, bedding, food, beer and of course snow boards, we were ready for the long drive early the next morning. I estimated it would take ten hours for the 630 mile journey, not taking into account breaks or the weather. When I needed a break no need to pay for expensive tea or coffee at the service station, just pull up, swirl the seats round, place the kettle on the hob and crack open the bourbon biscuits. When it is this easy you might expect a cuppa on the hour every hour, after all you are on holiday!
Sunday Morning
We set off 7:00 from Devon, with snow on the ground. Snow was still on the ground when we hit Birmingham. It did seem quite odd to be travelling to Scotland in search of snow. Glenmore campsite is nestled in a pine forest next to Loch Morlich. We arrive late, so we had tea, stew with roast potatoes that we had with us which tasted even better when it’s -5 C outside with a few beers. While waiting for the reception to open I saw a red squirrel fighting with a duck – it was the craziest thing I have seen in a long while. The squirrel was winning until the duck opted to play dirty by employing a few of his mates to join in. This did become a fairly routine sighting whenever I came to reception. £21 per night with electric hock up is quite reasonable, especially with floor heated toilet/shower block. Cairngorm was closed for high winds and snow, but we found a small slope which we later found out to be called the hayfield which was ideal to learn and have a little practice on. Dinner in a campervan is always an event, well when I say an event I try to cook something a little different. In a small cooking area and limited to a two burner hob you have to think and organise yourself well. But away from it all you have time to create something tasty. Snow was heavy all night. With the awning up you could hear a “thud” every now and then, snow falling off the roof.
Morning was sunny and caked in snow which is amazing in the pine forest. Cairngorm ski slope costs £32 for an adult pass for the day, but you can get an afternoon pass if you get up late which happened with us once or twice. When learning to snow board you use every muscle in you body and within a couple of hours you have spent all your energy just trying to stand up. With the campervan it was great to have a place to come back to for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.
Rest of the week
Over the next few days a routine was established consisting of … eating, snowboarding and having fun with great friends, but all good things must come to an end. I wished we would somehow get snowed in to extend the fun, but we didn’t. Katie pulled away no problem. We split the journey by heading for Edinburgh to see friends and camped on their drive way. The next morning after a good fry up using all the leftover food, we headed for the M6 and the road back to Devon.
Conclusion – How was camping in Katie in the extreme cold
She was warm, dry and handled herself brilliantly, so much so we have decided to build another high-top camper but with a long wheel base for extra room.

View of Loch Morlich Plenty of the white stuff Milk stays cold then Freezing Wait for me! Outstanding Hire for this week was £445 Time to go home Back next year?
16 Feb 2013

vw T5 for sale

“We have a vw T5 for sale (vw T5 for sale) “:
16 Jun 2013

New Camper van ‘Katie’ has arrived!

2010 VW T5 2.0L 140ps SWB High Top She has air conditioning and is a two birth camper, ideal for couples all year round.
11 May 2012

Vivien is done!

New pictures of Vivien have been uploaded to the website.
23 Sep 2011
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