How can I hire a campervan?
What’s included in the campervan hire?
What payment methods do you accept?
What documents do I need to bring?
Where do I pick the campervan up from?
Can I leave our vehicle with you?
Can I get to you using public transport?
What time can I collect & return the campervan?
How many people can sleep in a van?
Will I be shown how to work the appliances in the campervan?
Can I take our bikes with us?
Can I take my surfboard?
Do the campervans have rear seatbelts?
Do the campervans have heaters?
What type of fuel do the vans take?
What happens in the event of a breakdown?
Do you supply bedding?
What is the minimum number of days we can hire a camper?
Can I smoke in the camper?
Should I book a campsite in advance?
Can I take the camper abroad?
What is the insurance excess?