Company History

Vanquest Management

I first got interested in campervans when I bought in 1977, purely by chance a split screen campervan, this was long before split screen VW campervans became so expensive. It was a 12 year old 1965 Canterbury Pitt Conversion, registration CDW934C, if anyone’s got it, I would be interested to have a look.The new owner restored and painted it yellow and white.

Found it!!! – thanks Paul

I could not understand why everybody did not have a van, it did everything, so versatile, we moved house in it several times, used it most weekends, it was great fun. However, the down side of ownership, it was freezing cold in winter, constantly broke down, heavy on petrol, and the rust!!!

Years later I started renovating Bay window campervans and ran a successful business when we moved down to Devon. The vans all suffered from rust, only when they are stripped back to bare metal and then treated correctly, are they ok for a few more years. I always loved them though; there was something about VW campervans, the X factor, that no other campervan has, which is still true today.

My son Kelly, a qualified mechanic and a passionate surfer, inevitably got interested in the vans and together we started VanQuest. We always knew that we would only use VWs, I don’t think there is a better medium sized van on the market. VW have sorted everything out, it’s now very economical, even more spacious, does not break down and most importantly holds its value like nothing else.

We specialise in converting T5 panel vans into campers. With years of experiencing so many different conversions we understand you can’t have everything. The more equipment you have, the less space you have, but by better design, compromise can be a positive thing. We design and build, in-house, all our own furniture, we can adapt to suit our customer’s needs, nothing is too much trouble. We are able to give advice and suggestions when required, however the customer is king.

Our campervans are available to hire, so you can try them out and see how things work. You will want to make changes, that is only natural, but to design a campervan yourself from scratch is near impossible, and to try and put one together from a list is equally very difficult.